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SPECIALIZED Seamless Vest Long Sleeve High Neck

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SPECIALIZED Seamless Vest Long Sleeve High Neck

Specialized Long Sleeve Sweater - Seamless Roll Neck Baselayer 

When you need extra protection on a cold day, head to the seamless long-sleeved Baselayer. Just like the other seamless Baselayer by Specialized, it is made of synthetic yarns that absorb moisture from the body and evaporate quickly to keep the internal temperature constant. Combined with a turtleneck top, you get a lot of warmth and comfort.
Main features of Specialized Seamless Roll Neck Baselayer Long Sleeve Shirt

    Synthetic yarns are mixed to feel soft and remove moisture from the skin while providing the perfect amount of compression.

    The raised collar offers extra protection from the elements.

Material 58% Polypropylene, 37% Polyamide, 5% Spandex