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Garmin Edge Gps 1040

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Garmin Edge Gps 1040

State-of-the-art GPS cycle computer with navigation and connectivity features.
Edge 1040 is designed for any cycling experience, from the most remote dirt tracks to epic climbs.

The GPS bicycle GARMIN Edge 1040 is a fun, performing, precise and simple model that will captivate ultra-connected cyclists looking for performance, comfort and safety. Includes the latest navigation tools, performance measurement and rider support. The Edge 1040 is a complete solution that prepares, accompanies and allows you to achieve excellent results in all outputs Road and MTB.

Built around an 8.9 cm touchscreen display, Edge 1040 has been perfected to be more aerodynamic. It comes with specific options for navigation. The preloaded Garmin Cycle Map includes OSM (Open Street Map) content with roads and bike paths, elevation data, points of interest, address search function and the ability to create roundtrip/ return routes. Edge allows you to have voice guidance on your smartphone with navigation alerts that signal tight turns along the route. Map data is stored on 32 GB memory so that access to navigation and performance functions does not depend on phone network coverage. The multi-band GPS Edge ensures perfect accuracy by constantly recalculating the position on two frequencies.

The device features a new, smoother user interface. The Trendline route planning function draws on the huge Garmin database to suggest the most chosen routes and paths by other users. The battery life is optimized: up to 35 hours and even 70 hours in energy saving mode.

Optimize performance with performance planning, preparation, and management. These modes help you focus on your skills, improve your fitness, and better prepare your training sessions with progressive plans and tips. You can use power driving and monitor endurance in real time during exercise. The device can also help with nutrition and hydration.

Connected to your Garmin Connect smartphone and mobile app, GARMIN Edge 1040 lets you stay in touch with your friends, challenge them, and compare performance. Turn every ride into a challenge by engaging with other users on the Garmin Connect and Strava segments, and see real-time results on your Edge.

It also includes features such as live tracking to allow friends and family to follow real-time rides and workouts, call and SMS notifications, sharing on social networks, weather alerts, wireless downloading, and sending/receiving routes and segments. After training, you can automatically send data to Garmin Connect via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

The Edge 1040 GPS is compatible with ANT+ speed, cadence, heart rate and power sensors. It allows you to use a preloaded workout that is based on power to calculate the functional power threshold (FTP) on which to set the power training zones. This model uses the USB-C cable to facilitate charging of the device.

An extraordinary model for those who want more and more!

+ Smoother new generation interface
+ New performance management modes: cycling capability function, training tips and plans, power driving and endurance level Real-time stamina
+ Multiband GPS for absolute precision
+ Support GPS + Glonass signal and barometric altimeter for fast geolocation
+ Up to 35 hours of battery life up to 70 hours with external battery (optional)
+ Full compatibility with Varia devices
+ Colorful 8.9 cm touchscreen display diagonally (3.5") usable with gloves and in the rain
+ Ambient light sensor that allows you to automatically adjust the brightness of the display to improve visibility
+ Customization training pages with 10 data fields / Activity profiles
+ Road or MTB navigation and points of interest with the preloaded Garmin Cycle Map map
+ Route function: enter a distance and choose from the 3 available return/return routes
+ Trendline function that draws on the Garmin database to propose the most popular routes
+ Map data stored on Edge so that access to navigation and performance functions does not depend on phone network coverage
+ Garmin Connect and Strava segments in real time
+ Training Peaks and Best Bike Split integration
+ Group Track function that allows you to communicate live with other cyclists
+ Livetrack function that allows friends and family to follow races and workouts in real time
+ Connected functions: call notifications, email and SMS, real-time tracking, sending/receiving routes, sharing on social networks, weather alerts and incident detection

Autonomy : 35 h

Cardio : Yes

Cartography : Yes

Cardio belt : Not provided

Connectivity : Bluetooth, Wifi, ANT+

Energy Source : Battery

Screen size : 3.5"

Standard Water resistance : ipx7

Rhythm : Yes

Cadence Sensor : Not provided

Type of Altimeter : Barometric

Touchscreen : Yes

Weight (manufacturer) : 130g

- Multiband GPS and GPS high sensitivity GPS receiver / Glonass
- 32 GB of internal memory for downloading more maps
- Multicontinent mapping
- Compatibility with Varia devices
- Ebike navigation function
- Barometric altimeter
- Accelerometer
- Water resistance level: IPX7
- Coloured touchscreen display 282x470 pixels / Display 8.9 cm diagonally / Ambient light sensor
- Battery: Li-ion rechargeable / Battery life: up to 35 hours which can be up to 70 hours with external battery (available as an option)
- Smart notifications: Display email, SMS and other alerts you receive when connected to a compatible smartphone
- Rider-to-rider messaging to send quick messages
- Garmin Connect compatibility (automatic synchronization) / Garmin Connect IQ (dial customization, data fields, widgets and applications)
- Wireless device to device transfer
- ANT+ / Wifi/ Bluetooth connection
- Delivered with preloaded Garmin Cycle Map Europe map, front and evolutionary support, mounting, USB-C cable and instruction booklet