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DEDA Elements Gera Alloy handlebar 31.7

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DEDA Elements Gera Alloy handlebar 31.7

Gera ³ Alloy is made of 6061 aluminum using an innovative mechanical forming process that allows you to achieve a very complex design as Gera. It is the ideal choice for any gravel and adventure bike.

It guarantees multiple options for the position of the hands to always feel comfortable on the dirt road. The handlebar has a retraction of 10# and a downward tilt of 5# for a more comfortable setup during long distance bikepacking.

The 10 mm rise is an additional help to achieve the desired height of the handlebar above the steering series. The 24-fold opening of the curve and the 3-fold outer angle at the end of the curve provide superior stability when driving on challenging terrain. The reach and drop have been optimized in EOS (Endurance Optimized Shape) form.

The depth of 55mm allows a closer position of the brake levers while the height of 100mm allows a more comfortable position and a quick transition from the levers to the low grip. With Gera Alloy you have at your disposal 90mm of central area with constant diameter 31.7 to mount any accessory or extension cord. Handlebar available in 4 sizes 42, 44, 46 and 48.

    EOS (Endurance Optimized Shape)
    Aluminium 6061, double thickness
    Diameter of handlebars:
    31.7 mm
    55 mm
    100 mm
    External Corner:
    24 degrees
    3 degrees
    10 layer/ 10 mm
    12 installment/ 12mm
    5 SKIN
    42 - 44 - 46 - 48 cm (external-external in position of levers)
    Total width:
    52 - 54 - 56 - 58 cm
    310 g (42cm)
    42cm (GERA42AL)
    44cm (GERA44AL)
    46cm (GERA46AL)
    48cm (GERA48AL)
    POB (Polish on black)
    DCR compatible; central area of 90 mm for mounting accessories and extensions Deda (Parabolica and Fastblack2).