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ASSOS Shorts Uma GT c2 Black Women

ASSOS Shorts Uma GT c2 Black Women

The Assos Uma GT c2 Short for women is designed to provide long-lasting comfort and convenience on endurance or long-distance rides, regardless of whether you are riding on the road or in indoor sessions. The waist incorporates a stabilizing elastic layer, which fixes the position of the head, and an extra mesh top band that provides additional coverage for comfort, better moisture management and the elimination of wrinkles that occur between the overalls and the mesh during cycling. The Uma GT c2 case back offers more ventilation, with a reduced design and a Top Sheet Tex fabric located in the upper zone with Odor Control technology. The Type.429 fabric is elastic enough to provide aerodynamics, breathable enough for use during warmer summer temperatures, compressive enough to conform to your body and provide support, and durable enough to withstand the wear of countless miles.

UMA GT c2 case back: Breathable and ergonomic case back adapted to the female anatomy, with a durable design for a comfortable ride in the most demanding outputs. It has a thermoformed structure of 11 mm thick that cushions the impacts while maintaining breathability.

Features case back:
- Shock-Absorb Damping Mono: Compressive foam layers combined in a strong 11 mm thick structure that cushions impacts. The shape is thermoformed to reduce roughness and irritation
- goldenGate: Seam pattern that fixes the front and back of the padding, but omits the body of the padding, allowing the padding to 'float' and move with your body rather than offering strength
- 3D Waffle: Cushioning system with a patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.

- Type.429: Elastic and breathable fabric for greater comfort during summer cycling tours
- regularFit with C2 AEPD: Cut based on race models, but with greater comfort thanks to a looser design at the waist. The Short model has a shorter leg length than the Uma GT c2 dungarees.
- Ultralight Leg Grippers: 4.5 cm elastane band, silicone-free, naturally adapts to the thigh for a soft and ultralight support
- Composition: 81% Polyamide, 19% Elastane

The Assos garments are designed taking into account the position in the saddle. Some of the Assos models are specially designed for cyclists with an athletic constitution. The Assos cuts are anatomical, according to the A.E.P.D. system (Advanced Ergonomic Pattern Design). Assos designs his garments paying attention to the protection and comfort of the cyclist without exceeding the pressure points. The best way to feel the anatomical precision of Assos is to put on your clothes and get on the saddle: you will feel the clothes adapt perfectly to your posture as a cyclist. Of course, the feeling once you get off the bike will be less comfortable.
It is recommended to choose the correct size for maximum comfort. Too large a garment could cause irritation and an uncomfortable sensation due to the creases or excess of fabric, since the ALS system of the Assos size system would not act correctly. If the garment is too small, the excessive stretching of the seams would increase the pressure making it uncomfortable.

How to use it:
- Do not force seams to wear Assos garments
- Place clothes correctly before riding, especially the seat pad and other pressure points, without forcing seams or joints
- Assos garments are designed for cycling. For this reason, the suspenders may pull while standing, but once in the saddle the excessive pressure disappears. If not, check that the size is correct.
- Avoid excessively pulling the head to urinate (men). We recommend ironing the fabric from the abdominal and shoulder straps, tilting forward to decrease the tension of the seams
- Circulate at a distance from branches and shrubs so as not to damage the fabric

Tips for washing your hair:
- Wash the Assos garments separately to avoid friction with other fabrics and to maintain specific properties.
- Always separate light from dark garments
- Before each wash, turn over the garments to keep the inside out
- Assos garments can be machine washed using a protective bag and a washing program for delicate garments (max 30ºC)
- Do not use fabric softeners or aggressive products with textiles. Always use liquid and neutral soaps (for example, Assos Active Wear Cleaner)
- Do not iron or wring Assos garments to remove excess water
- Do not dry in a dryer. Leave to dry in the air, away from sunlight.

- After each use, place the Assos garments in a ventilated environment; however, it is advisable to wash them immediately after use
- Dry and store without direct sunlight
- Do not store garments in humid or closed environments (avoid plastic bags, sports bags, etc.)
- In case of heavy perspiration, it is advisable to rinse the head in cold water after each use. This will protect the fibers from bacteria that could damage the tissue.